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American Breed
Tag team
Members Paul Diamond[1]
Nick Kiniski[2]
Name(s) American Breed
Debut 1985
Disbanded 1985
Promotions TASW

American Force was a professional wrestling tag team that wrestled in Texas All-Star Wrestling. The team consisted of Paul Diamond and Nick Kiniski. The group was later joined by a rookie named Shawn Michaels who replaced Kiniski in the team to team up with Paul Diamond.


American Breed[edit]

Paul Diamond and Nick Kiniski formed a tag team in Fred Barend's Texas All-Star Wrestling called American Breed. Neither Diamond nor Kiniski were actually American; Diamond was Croatian-Canadian and Kiniski was Canadian. The team won the TASW Tag Team Championship from The Maoris (Tudui & Wakahi) on May 25, 1985 and held them until Al Madril and Chavo Guerrero took the titles from them on June 5, 1985.[3] The TASW Tag Team title was vacated later that same month when Guerrero refused to wrestle in a rematch against Diamond and Kiniski because Chavo's father Gory Guerrero was the special referee chosen for the match.

American Force[edit]

American Force
Tag team
Members Paul Diamond
Shawn Michaels
Name(s) American Force
Heights Diamond:
6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)[1]
6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)[4]
455 lb (206 kg)
Debut 1985
Disbanded 1986
Promotions TASW

Al Madril teamed with Black Gordman instead but lost the match. After the match, Madril attacked Chavo Guerrero, splitting the team and forcing the titles to be held up. When Chavo later won the rights to name a new championship partner after defeating Madril in a singles match, he chose to give the titles to the American Breed instead, only now the American Breed consisted of Paul Diamond and a rookie named Shawn Michaels. The team was later renamed American Force. The duo won the TASW Tag Team Championship twice.[3] The team was later disbanded in 1986 when Michaels left for American Wrestling Association.

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