Amor Fati (album)

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Amor Fati
Amor Fati.jpg
Studio album by Peccatum
Released 2001
Genre Avant-garde metal
Label Candlelight Records
Peccatum chronology
Oh, My Regrets (EP)
(2000)String Module Error: Match not found2000
Amor Fati
Lost in Reverie
(2004)Lost in Reverie2004

Amor Fati is the second full-length release from the avant-garde metal band Peccatum.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "One Play. No Script."
  2. "No Title for a Cause"
  3. "Murder"
  4. "A Game Divine?"
  5. "untitled"
  6. "Rise, Ye Humans"
  7. "Between The Living and the Dead"
  8. "untitled"
  9. "The Watchers Mass (Part I)"
  10. "The Watchers Mass (Part II)"