Amr ibn Abasah

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Amr ibn Abasah (Arabic: عمر بن عباسة‎) was one of the Sahaba and one of the narrators of hadith.[1]

By his own account, 'Amr ibn 'Abasah met Muhammad in Mecca in the early days of his prophethood, and asked him, "What are you?" He replied, "I am a Prophet." 'Amr then asked, "What is a Prophet?" He replied, "I have been sent by God." "What has God sent you with?" 'Amr asked. "With the commandment to destroy idols and to treat one's relatives with kindness; to believe in one God and not to treat anyone as His partner," replied Muhammad.

He had a son named Abd-Allah ibn Amr ibn Abasah.[2]