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Angel wing begonia
Begonia CorallinaHybrids PresidentCarnotInflorescenceH.jpg
'President Carnot'
BreederEva Kenworthy Gray

The cane begonias are a group of Begonia cultivars. Their name derives from their tough, bamboo-like stems.[1] They can grow up to 10 ft (3.0 m) tall, which may necessitate staking. They are often ideal as houseplants when kept under control.[2]


Angel wing[edit]

Angel wing begonias are hybrid cane Begonias which resulted from a cross between Begonia aconitifolia and B. coccinea. The hybridization was made by California plant breeder Eva Kenworthy Gray in 1926.[3] The name derives from their pointed leaves.[1]

The flowers are edible, with a sweet tart taste.[citation needed]

Dragon wing[edit]

The dragon wing cultivars are sterile, cane forming Begonia × hybrida. They are very similar to Christmas candy begonias and angel wings.[4][5]


The superba begonias are cultivars of Begonia aconitifolia.[1]


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