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Anja Snellman in 2010.

Anja Snellman (née Kauranen, born 23 May 1954 in Helsinki) is a Finnish author. She is a novelist and a poet, and as well a journalist and sharp columnist with her own on media criticism based TV-program every week. She is also a second year student of altogether 4 year studies of solution focused psychotherapy. Her books have been translated to 18 languages so far. She has been granted Pro Finlandia Medal in 2007.[1] Anja Snellman has two daughters of her first marriage with Saska Saarikoski-Snellman. Today she is married to Jukka Orma, one of the most legendary guitar players in Finland.[citation needed]


Anja Snellman's novels and poetry collections:

  • Sonja O. kävi täällä (1981; J. H. Erkko Award)
  • Tushka (1983)
  • Kultasuu (1985)
  • Pimeää vain meidän silmillemme (1987)
  • Kiinalainen kesä (1989)
  • Kaipauksen ja energian lapset (1991)
  • Ihon aika (1993)
  • Pelon maantiede (1995)
  • Syysprinssi (1996)
  • Arabian Lauri (1997)
  • Side (1998)
  • Paratiisin kartta (1999)
  • Aura (2000)
  • Safari Club (2001)
  • Äiti ja koira (2002)
  • Lyhytsiipiset (2003)
  • Saa kirjoittaa (2004), poetry collection
  • Rakkauden maanosat (2005)
  • Lemmikkikaupan tytöt (2007)
  • Harry H (2007)
  • "Parvekejumalat" (2009)
  • "Öisin olemme samanlaisia" (2011), poetry collection
  • "Ivana B."
  • "Pääoma"


  1. ^ George C. Schoolfield (1998), A history of Finland's literature, U of Nebraska Press, ISBN 978-0-8032-4189-3, (1981; Sonja O. was here), by Anja Kauranen, was a critical and commercial success, a description of student bohemians of the 1970s; an innovative feature was that the writer and the principal character were women who had appropriated the old freedoms of men. The novel, brilliant in its language, was not the starting shot of an illustrious career: in her subsequent work Kauranen has never again reached quite the same level. 

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