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Anna Bofill Leví (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈanːə βufiʎ ɫəˈβi]) (born 25 April 1944) is a Catalan Spanish pianist, architect and composer.


Anna Bofill Leví was born in Barcelona, and studied piano and music theory with Jordi Albareda, Xavier Montsalvatge, Josep Cercós and Josep Mestres Quadreny. She also graduated with a PhD in architecture from the Barcelona School of Architecture.[1]

Bofill continued her studies in electroacustic music with Gabriel Luis and Callejo Brncic and computer music with Xavier Serra and Sergi Jordi at the Phonos Laboratory in Barcelona. In 1982 she attended the Conference of New Music in Sitges and took courses at the Miró Foundation with Luigi Nono, Joan Guinjoan, and Coriúnn Aharonián. In 1985 she worked at the Centre d'Études de Mathémathique et Automates Musicales (CEMAMU) in Paris, directed by Iannis Xenakis. In 1983 she translated Iannis Xenakis' book "Music and architecture" into Catalan.[2]

Bofill has also designed sets for theater and composed music for theater works by Ricard Salvat and Mark Medoff, and other incidental music. She has collaborated with director Magda Puyo Pepe Duran, and writes professional articles. In 2009 she was honored with the Medal of Treball President Macià de la Generalitat de Catalunya.[3][4]


Bofill has written works for solo instruments, voice, chamber music and electroacoustic performance. Selected works include:

  • Esclat (1971)
  • Poema per pianoforte (1974)

She has published the text:

  • Generations of Forms: Space to Inhabit, Time to Think, 2010


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