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The Annals of Lund (Danish: Lundeårbogen, Latin: Annales Lundenses) is a Latin manuscript written in Lund around 1250-1307. Several copies have survived to the modern day. The Annals of Lund are composed of two parts. The first part is based on earlier works, including the Chronicon Lethrense, and discusses events from antiquity to 1256. The second part includes events from every year until 1307.[1] This portion is unique to the Annals of Lund and primarily deals with Danish politics. The topics include the Norwegian King Erik’s offensive in Denmark and Erik Menved's marriage with Ingeborg of Sweden in 1296.[2] Additionally, the Battle of Gestilren in Sweden in 1210 and the 1256 destruction of Refshaleborg fort on Lolland are described.[3]

There are three surviving copies. One is found at the Erfurt Library in Germany and the other two are part of the Arnamagnæan Manuscript Collection in the Royal Library in Copenhagen.

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