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Anonimo Firenze
Watch Maker
Industry Watch Manufacturer
Founded 1997
Headquarters Florence, Italy
Products Watches

Anonimo Firenze is an Italian watchmaker brand. Its watches are manufactured in Florence, Italy with Swiss movements provided by ETA SA or Sellita.


Anonimo was founded in 1997 in Florence, Italy by Federico Massacesi. He sought to create a watch company which could leverage the watch making tradition of Florence. This goal was hastened when watchmaker Panerai relocated from Florence to Neuchatel, Switzerland. Many veteran Panerai watchmakers were taken on by Anonimo.

Anonimo focues exclusively on production of mechanical watches. Anonimo produces several models including the Polluce, Millemetri, Militare and Professionale, ranging from $2,500 to over $10,000.

In 2013, Anonimo Firenze was bought out and became Anonimo SA, still remaining an independent watch brand. The company moved its head office to Switzerland.


Current models use self-winding movements by Sellita, an independent Swiss producer founded in 1950.

1997 Millemetri: 120 ATM diving watch.

2001 Militare

2002 Match racing: a sailing chronograph.

2003 Professionale: diving watch tested to 200 ATM.

2003 Anonimo Dino Zei

2003 Cronoscopio

2003 Militare Crono

2005 Polluce

2007 Dino Zei San Marco

Anonimo SA celebrate 20 years in 2017[edit]

20 Years anniversary badge
An Anonimo watch

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