Ansei Ueshiro

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Ansei Ueshiro
Ueshiro Chinto Kata.JPG
Master Ueshiro demonstration Kata Chinto
Born (1933-04-20)April 20, 1933
Japan Kin, Okinawa, Japan
Died May 7, 2002(2002-05-07) (aged 69)
United States Oceanside, New York, United States
Style Matsubayashi-ryu
Teacher(s) Anho Ueshiro, Entasu Isaenta, Toguchi Seitoku, Shoshin Nagamine
Notable students Robert Scaglione, James Wax, Robert Yarnell, Ernest Ferrara, Parker Shelton, Katherine Loukopoulos, Terry Maccarone, Joyce Santamaria, Zenko Heshiks,

Ansei Ueshiro (宇江城 安盛, Ueshiro Ansei, April 20, 1933 - May 7th, 2002) was an influential Okinawan martial artist, who was the nephew of Ankichi Arakaki, the chief instructor at the original Nagamine Dojo in Okinawa and the composer of Fukyugata Sandan kata. Born in Kin, Okinawa, Ueshiro relocated to the United States in 1962 at the request of founder Shōshin Nagamine of Matsubayashi Shōrin-ryū, under whom he had studied, for the purpose of spreading the martial art. He founded Shorin-Ryu Karate USA and, according to that organization's official website, "was one of the first Oriental martial artists to bring karate" to the US.[1]


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