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Sir Anthony Morgan (died 1665) of Kilflgin, Monmouthshire, was a Royalist officer during the English Civil War.[1]


Morgan was the son of Sir William Morgan, of Tredegar, Monmouthshire, and Bridget, daughter and heiress of Anthony Morgan of Heyford, Northamptonshire.[2] He seems identical with the Anthony Morgan who was appointed by the Spanish ambassador Cardenas, on 9 June 1640, to levy and transport the residue of the two thousand soldiers afforded to him by King Charles I.[3]

On 21 October 1642 Morgan was knighted by Charles at Southam, Warwickshire,[4] and two days later fought at the Battle of Edgehill. By the death of his half-brother, Colonel Thomas Morgan, who was killed at the Battle of Newbury 20 September 1643, he became possessed of the manors of Heyford and Clasthorpe, Northamptonshire; and had other property in Momouthshire, Warwickshire, and Westmoreland. He subsequently went abroad, but returned in 1648, when, though his estates were sequestered by the parliament by an ordinance dated 5 January 1646, he imprisoned several of his tenants in Banbury Castle for not paying their rent to him.[5]

Morgan tried to compound for his property in May 1650, and took the covenent and negative oath, but being represented as a "papist delinquent", he was unable to make terms with the Committee for Compounding with Delinquents.[6] In August 1658 he obtained leave to pay a visit to France.[7]

One Anthony Morgan was ordered to be arrested and brought before Secretary Bennet on 5 June 1663, and his papers were seized.[8] He died in St. Giles-in-the-Fields, London, about June 1665,[9] leaving by his wife Elizabeth (Fromond?) an only daughter, Mary.[10]


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