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Antique Powerland
Established 1996
Location Brooks, Oregon, United States
45°03′06″N 122°58′47″W / 45.051677°N 122.979589°W / 45.051677; -122.979589Coordinates: 45°03′06″N 122°58′47″W / 45.051677°N 122.979589°W / 45.051677; -122.979589

Antique Powerland is a collection of museums and a self-described heritage site for power equipment, such as farm machinery, commercial trucks, trains, construction equipment, and the engines which power them. It is located in Brooks, Oregon, United States, and is operated by the non-profit Antique Powerland Museum Association. It was initially established by a group of enthusiasts "dedicated to the preservation, restoration and demonstration of steam powered equipment, antique farm machinery and implements."[1]

The museum is located on a 62-acre (250,000 m2) parcel of land just off Interstate 5 in Brooks, and has been in operation (in various forms) since the 1970s. Originally, the site was primarily used for "threshing bees", a forerunner to the modern tractor pull, and the remainder of the site committed to farming. With the addition of a truck museum and a railroad museum, the entire grounds were dedicated to exhibits; the current structure of Antique Powerland has been in operation since 1996.

Each summer, Antique Powerland presents the Great Oregon Steam-Up,[2] wherein many of the exhibits are fired up and displayed in an operational state. Despite the name, many different types of power equipment are displayed, including steam-powered equipment, diesel-powered equipment, gasoline-powered equipment, and electric-powered equipment.

Exhibits and member museums[edit]

Wood-fired boiler of the steam-powered sawmill at Antique Powerland

Antique Powerland is structured as a collection of museums, some indoor and some outdoor, each operating together on the Antique Powerland site. The various museums focus on different types of equipment, and have different exhibits on display. Many of the exhibits are interactive; there are several operating trains on the property which visitors can ride.

Person driving large-scale model railroad locomotive

Member museums, along with the equipment exhibited, include:

  • Western Steam Fiends Association. A steam heritage group, which exhibits and operates various types of steam-powered equipment, including tractors, a rail-mounted steam crane, and an operating wood-fired, steam-powered sawmill, which is used to mill lumber for exhibit construction.
  • Branch 15- Early Day Gas Engines & Tractors Association. An organization which exhibits small engines, tractors, and related farm implements.[3]
  • Antique Implement Society. Displays large operating oil and gas engines.
  • Willow Creek Railroad. Operates a large-scale model railroad on the site, with over 5,000 feet (1,500 m) of trackage, which visitors can ride (two riders per train car). Includes both gasoline and steam-powered engines.[4]
  • Oregon Two Cylinder Club. An association of John Deere enthusiasts; exhibits John Deere Tractors and implements, and operates a 3-acre (12,000 m2) wheat field on the premises.[5]
Antique John Deere tractor
  • Northwest Blacksmith Association. Operates Powerland's machine shop and blacksmith shop.[6]
1920s hearse, with open casket and mannequin inside
  • Brooks Historical Society. Maintains and operates the historic Brooks railroad depot, now relocated to the grounds of Powerland.[7]
  • Pacific Northwest Truck Museum. An organization which preserves trucking history and vintage trucks, emphasizing trucking in the Pacific Northwest. Operates a 26,300 square feet (2,440 m2) indoor museum, with 75 restored trucks on display, divided into two buildings—one containing small trucks such as pickups and delivery vans, the other containing semi-trailers and tractors.[8]
Electric trolley car at Antique Powerland
Antique fire engine
  • Oregon Fire Service Museum, Memorial, and Learning Center. Established in 1993 to preserve the heritage of firefighting in Oregon. Maintains a collection of antique fire engines of various vintage.[10]
  • Oregon Tractor Pullers, Inc. Operates tractor pulls involving vintage tractors at the site.
  • Antique Caterpillar Machinery Museum. Exhibits equipment manufactured by Caterpillar Inc..[11]
  • Willamette Valley Model Railroad Museum. A museum dedicated to model railroading.[12]
  • Northwest Vintage Car & Motorcycle Museum. A museum dedicated to the heritage of the automobile and motorcycle. Among the exhibits is a replica of a 1930s Texaco service station.[13]

Great Oregon Steam-Up[edit]

Workers milling logs in the steam-powered sawmill, during the Great Oregon Steam-Up of 2006

The signature event at Antique Powerland is the Great Oregon Steam-Up, an event held each year during mid-summer when many of the exhibits, normally displayed in a non-operational state, are fired up and shown running. The Steam-Up includes events such as a parade of vintage power equipment, sawmill demonstrations, demonstrations of using vintage equipment to harvest wheat, and numerous other exhibits. The year 2010 marked the Steam-Up's 40th anniversary.[2]


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