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Antonio and Rosario, c. 1943

Antonio Ruiz Soler (4 November 1921, Seville – 6 February 1996, Madrid), was a Spanish flamenco dancer, choreographer and dance director. He was professionally known as Antonio or Antonio el Bailarín ("Antonio the dancer"). With his cousin Rosario (Florence Pérez Padilla) he had a partnership which was world-famous for 25 years (1928–1953. They were billed as Antonio and Rosario.[1]

During appearances in the United States he danced in Ravel's "Boléro" in New York City and appeared in several Hollywood movies, including "Ziegfeld Girl" (1941), "Hollywood Canteen" (1944) and "Honeymoon" (1947).

In 1953 he formed his own Spanish ballet company, Antonio y los Ballets de Madrid, and Rosario also formed a company, partnered by Iglesias.[2] Antonio choreographed many works in Spanish and classical style; several were taken up by other companies.[3]


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