Antonio Valdés y Fernández Bazán

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Antonio Valdés y Fernández Bazán
Antonio Valdés y Fernández Bazán. (Naval Museum of Madrid).
Died4 April 1816
OccupationNaval Officer

Antonio Valdés y Fernández Bazán (1744 – 4 April 1816) was a naval officer of the Spanish Royal Navy.


He entered the navy at the age of 13. He distinguished himself in the defence of Morro Castle and San Salvador de la Punta Fortress during the Battle of Havana (1762). He also fought against the Barbary Coast pirates in 1767.

In 1781, he became director of the Royal Artillery Factory of La Cavada, and reorganised it to that extent that he was promoted to become inspector general of the Spanish Navy. In 1783, at the age of 38, he became Navy Minister and continued the modernisation of the Spanish Navy.

He became a knight in the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1797.

The settlements of Valdez, Alaska and Valdez, Florida were named after him, as well as Bazan Bay in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

In 1785, among 12 flags that he drew, one was chosen to become the Spanish naval ensign flag by Charles III himself.