Apollinariskirche, Remagen

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The Apollinariskirche at night

The Apollinariskirche is a church on the site of a Roman temple on the Apollinarisberg, a hill above the German town of Remagen. That hill was known as the Martinsberg in the 5th and 6th centuries, presumably after a Frankish chapel there dedicated to Saint Martin, patron of the Franks. In the 9th century this chapel was replaced by a Romanesque church.

In 1110 the Benedictines of the Michaelsberg Abbey, on the initiative of the people of Remagen, set up a provost there. The relics of Saint Apollinaris of Ravenna probably arrived on the mountain at the end of the 14th century, since a pilgrimage to the Apollinarisberg is recorded in 1384. The sarcophagus is the main relic in the 14th century crypt of the church.

A new Neo-Gothic church was built on the site from 1837 to 1852.

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Coordinates: 50°34′52″N 7°13′17″E / 50.58111°N 7.22139°E / 50.58111; 7.22139