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Appletree Cove is a bay and estuary on the Kitsap Peninsula.[1] The cove is fed by Carpenter Creek; its estuary is a tidal flood zone that fills and empties at high and low tides.

Appletree Cove was named by Charles Wilkes in 1841, who mistook flowering dogwoods for apple trees.[2] Appletree Cove is the site of the Kingston ferry terminal for the Washington State Ferries.

Appletree Cove is also the former name of the town of Kingston, Washington which is to the north and west of the cove. To the south is an area known by the locals as "Jefferson Beach".


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Coordinates: 47°47′27″N 122°29′54.7″W / 47.79083°N 122.498528°W / 47.79083; -122.498528