Archbishop Leontios of Cyprus

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Leontios Leondios, Archbishop of Cyprus

Leontios (3 March 1896 – 26 July 1947) was Archbishop of Cyprus for only 36 days in 1947. He was born in Limassol. Prior to his election as archbishop of Cyprus he served as bishop of Paphos district.

He was educated in theological studies at the University of Athens and Columbia University in New York.

He headed the Cypriot delegation which came to London in December 1946 to discuss enosis (union with Greece).[1][2]

He was elected archbishop on 20 June 1947.[2]

The Archbishop died of typhus following a long period of diabetes, and consequently it was not possible for the body to lie in state for several days for public homage, as is customary. The funeral took place 27 July 1947 at the Greek cemetery at Nicosia[1]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Kyrillos III
Archbishop of Cyprus
Succeeded by
Makarios II