Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast

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The archbishop's office

The Catholic Archdiocese of Cape Coast (Latin: a Litore Aureo) is the Metropolitan See for the ecclesiastical province of Cape Coast in Ghana. The Archdiocese has been generous in supplying priests for underserved areas of the United States; for example, in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Victoria in Texas in the Victoria, Texas area, 16 of the 64 priests are from Ghana- many have been incardinated into (became part of the official body of priest clergy) the diocese and have become U.S. citizens, serving as pastors of church parishes.


  • 27 September 1879: Established as Apostolic Prefecture of Gold Coast from the Apostolic Vicariate of Two Guineas in Gabon
  • 25 May 1901: Promoted as Apostolic Vicariate of Gold Coast
  • 18 April 1950: Promoted as Metropolitan Archdiocese of Cape Coast

Special churches[edit]

The seat of the archbishop is St. Francis de Sales Cathedral in Cape Coast.


  • Vicars Apostolic of Gold Coast (Latin Rite)
    • Maximilien Albert, S.M.A. (16 Sep 1895 - 15 Dec 1903 )
    • Isidore Klaus, S.M.A. (4 Mar 1904 - 20 Nov 1905 )
    • François-Ignace Hummel, S.M.A. (6 Mar 1906 - 13 Mar 1924 )
    • Ernest Hauger, S.M.A. (13 Feb 1925 - 14 Nov 1932)
  • Metropolitan Archbishops of Cape Coast (Roman rite)

Suffragan Diocese[edit]

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