Ardabur (consul 427)

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A detail of the Missorium of Aspar. Over Aspar and his son Ardabur, there are two imagines clipeatae depicting Ardabur the Elder (left) and Plinta.

Ardabur or Ardaburius (Greek: Ἀρδαβούριος) served as magister militum in the East Roman army in the 420s, under Theodosius II.

During the Roman-Persian War of 421–422, he invaded Arzanene and Mesopotamia, besieging Nisibis and defeating seven Persian generals.

Three years later, Ardabur and his son Aspar were sent on a campaign to Italy to overthrow the usurper Joannes. Ardabur was captured and held at Ravenna, where he succeeded in subverting some of the usurper's officers. Aspar was then able to capture the city and defeat Joannes.

After his return to Constantinople, he was made consul for the year 427.

Ardabur should be distinguished from his grandson of the same name, who was consul twenty years later.

Preceded by
Theodosius II and Valentinian III
Consul of the Roman Empire with Flavius Hierius
Succeeded by
Flavius Felix and Flavius Taurus