Ardmore (Atlanta)

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The BeltLine passing through Ardmore Park

Ardmore, sometimes called "Ardmore Park" for the city park of the same name within the neighborhood, is a neighborhood in the extreme south Buckhead area of Atlanta, between Peachtree Road, on the east, railroad tracks and the Atlanta BeltLine on the west, Collier Road to the north and Brookwood to the south. Though distinct from Brookwood and Collier Hills, the neighborhoods are often linked as they share a border and location along Collier Road and Peachtree Street/Road just north of Midtown.[1]


Ardmore was first settled in the 1920s, with some of the multifamily condominium buildings along Collier Road dating to 1920. The land was formerly the Collier family mill that operated along Tanyard Creek and is located on what was part of the American Civil War's Battle of Peachtree Creek. In addition to the multifamily buildings, the single-family homes that comprise a majority of the neighborhood were mostly constructed between the 1920s and 1940s along the other streets that make up the small neighborhood: 28th Street, Anjaco Road, Ardmore Road, Wycliff Road, and several smaller streets.


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