Battle of Ani

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Battle of Ani
Part of Armenian-Byzantine Wars
Giuliano Zasso, “Armenians defeat Byzantine forces attacking Ani”.jpg
Armenians defeat Byzantine forces attacking Ani by Giuliano Zasso
Date 1042
Location Ani
Result Armenian victory
Kingdom of Armenia Byzantine Empire
Commanders and leaders
Vahram Pahlavouni Constantine IX
50,000[1] 100,000[1]
Casualties and losses
Unknown 20,000

The Battle of Ani was fought between the forces of the Kingdom of Armenia under Vahram Pahlavouni and the Byzantine Empire in 1042. The Byzantine Empire was soundly defeated, with up to 20,000 dead.[2]


Vahram selected a body of 30,000 infantry and 20,000 cavalry, forming three divisions, which fought against the Byzantines, numbering 100,000.[1][3] A battle ensued in which the invaders were routed with great slaughter. The fight was so ferocious that the effusion of blood flowing into the Akhurian River is said to have coloured its waters completely red.

The Byzantines left 20,000 dead behind.[3] This victory allowed Vahram Pahlavuni along with Catholicos Petros Getadarts to crown Gagik II king of Armenia and subsequently take the fortress of Ani, which had been in the hands of Vest Sarkis.[3]

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