Mediterranean scaldfish

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Mediterranean scaldfish
Arnoglossus laterna 2.jpg
A fully grown scaldfish from the southern North Sea
Arnoglossus laterna larva.jpg
A scaldfish larva, measuring approximately 9 millimetres (0.35 in) in length
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Osteichthyes
Order: Pleuronectiformes
Family: Bothidae
Genus: Arnoglossus
Species: A. laterna
Binomial name
Arnoglossus laterna
(Walbaum, 1792 )

The Mediterranean scaldfish (Arnoglossus laterna) is a species of bottom feeder benthic fish belonging to the family Bothidae.[1]


Like other species of the order Pleuronectiformes, scaldfish is a flatfish with a body length of 12 to 20 cm. It has pale yellow, large, ruffled scales.


It is found in the coasts of East Atlantic Ocean (from Norway to Angola), the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea.[2]


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