Arthur Johnson (footballer, born 1879)

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Arthur Johnson, 1902

Arthur Johnson (born 12 April 1879) was a notable football player and coach. Although invariably described as "English", research shows that Johnson was in fact Irish, having been born in Dublin, albeit at a time when all of Ireland was part of the United Kingdom.[1] In his playing days he was a center forward for Real Madrid and their first coach between 1910 until 1920. He also played as a Goalkeeper at the beginning of his career, the most important match was in the 1903 Copa del Rey Final.[2]

Real Madrid[edit]

He played in the first El Clásico on 13 May 1902, a 3–1 loss to FC Barcelona, in which he scored Real Madrid's first competitive goal, in 1902 Copa de la Coronación, in the first official game of Real Madrid.[3] Years later, he became the first coach of Real Madrid, a position that he occupied for ten seasons. Only Miguel Muñoz has been head coach for more games.[4] It was Johnson, who influenced Madrid to play in the classic all-white strip, mirroring the strip worn by Corinthian Casuals.[5]

As a player, Johnson won four Copas del Rey and as a manager conquered four regional championships and one Copa del Rey in 1917 before moving to Athletic Bilbao.[citation needed]