Ashot ibn Shavur

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Ashot ibn Shavur
Reign August 1068 – April 1069
Predecessor Fadl ibn Shavur
Successor Fadl ibn Shavur
Dynasty Shaddadids
Father Abu'l-Aswar Shavur ibn Fadl

Ashot ibn Abu'l-Aswar Shavur ibn Fadl was a Shaddadid prince, the second son of Abu'l-Aswar Shavur ibn Fadl. During the captivity of his older brother Fadl ibn Shavur by the Georgians in 1068, he ruled in his stead as emir of Arran for eight months (August 1068 – April 1069), even minting coins in his own name and that of his overlord, the Seljuk Sultan Alp Arslan.[1][2]


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