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Asier Peña Iturria (born April 15, 1977) is a Spanish long track speed skater who participates in international competitions.

Personal records[edit]

Personal records
Men's Speed skating
Event Result Date Location Notes
500 m 40.33 2009-10-24 Calgary Spanish national record
1,000 m 1:18.52 2009-09-19 Calgary Spanish national record
1,500 m 1:58.24 2008-01-13 Kolomna Spanish national record
3,000 m 4:09.10 2008-02-16 Hamar Spanish national record
5,000 m 6:51.72 2009-12-12 Salt Lake City Spanish national record
10,000 m 14:35.06 2008-01-27 Hamar Spanish national record

These personal records are fast enough to be in the top-500 of the Adelskalender. Iturria has a Samalog score of 164,668 pts. This means that he is the number 829 of the world (at December 12, 2009).

Career highlights[edit]

European Allround Championships
2010 - Hamar, 29th
2009 - Heerenveen, 26th
2008 - Kolomna, 32nd

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