Aspen Creek Grill

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Aspen Creek Grill
Industry Family dining restaurant
Founded February 24, 2009 (2009-02-24) in Fern Creek
Founder Kent Taylor
Number of locations
8 (2016)
Areas served
Louisville, KY, Amarillo, TX, Irving, TX, San Antonio, TX, Lubbock, TX, Noblesville, IN
Products Pizza, salads chicken, pasta and seafood
Parent Ultra Steak

Aspen Creek Grill (formerly Aspen Creek) is a restaurant chain with 8 locations.

Aspen Creek's menu[1] centers on pizza, salads, chicken, pasta and seafood.

Aspen Creek restaurants are located in Louisville, Kentucky, Noblesville, Indiana, and Amarillo, Irving, Lubbock and San Antonio in Texas.[2]


The first Aspen Creek restaurant was opened in the Louisville suburb of Fern Creek, on February 24, 2009.[3] As its name implies, the store's design is much like a mountain lodge found around Aspen.[4]

It was previously owned by Texas Roadhouse.


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