Assassins DK United

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Assassins DK United
Psychopomps Assassins.jpg
Studio album by Psychopomps
Released 1991
Recorded Strip Studios
Genre electro-industrial
Length 75:09
Label Zoth Ommog, Cleopatra Records
Producer Psychopomps and Claus Larsen (see Leaether Strip)

Assassins DK United is the debut album by the electro-industrial band Psychopomps, released in 1991 by Zoth Ommog Records and later through Cleopatra Records. The track "Godshit" was released as a single with a remix and two previously unreleased songs, "Meat Defeat" and "Down the Drain."

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Godshit" 5:22
2. "Drug Addict" 5:44
3. "Hate" 4:02
4. "Pub Ban" 4:49
5. "Animals" 4:46
6. "Infection" 3:40
7. "Spanner" 3:54
8. "Somnambulism" 6:05
9. "Sadistic Killer Instinct" 5:12
10. "If I Die..." 2:55
11. "Masturbation Generation" 6:07
12. "Wanted To Tell You" 5:02
13. "Baby-Terror, Baby" 11:17
14. "(Untitled)" 6:14
  • Track 13 is actually two songs. "Baby-Terror, Baby" and its remix "Disco-Terror, Baby"[1]
  • Track 14 is a remix of "Godshit"

Packaging and liner notes[edit]

  • "This record is meant to be played louder than bombs and is dedicated to the desires of body slam" - written on inside jacket.


Jesper Schmidt: Vox, Programming, Keyboards
Flemming Norre Larsen: Programming, Lyrics

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