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"Aston Hill" redirects here. For Aston Hill cutting, near Aston Rowant, also in the Chiltern Hills, see Stokenchurch Gap.

Aston Hill Bike Park is located in Wendover Woods on the ridge of the Chiltern Hills, in the parish of Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire. It is run in a tri-party agreement by the Forestry Commission, the CTC and the volunteer Aston Hill Committee.

Aston Hill is a challenging venue, better suited to intermediate and expert riders when dry and more experienced riders when wet. There are downhill (DH) cross country (XC) and four-cross (4X) mountain bike trails. The downhill trails are the Red Run (which is part of the XC loop) the Black Run, Ricochet, Root Canal and Surface to Air freeride trail.

Membership is required to ride there. Day membership costs £6 online or £7 on the day, or yearly membership is available through the Aston Hill and CTC sites which starts at £45 for an adult. All memberships are handled by the CTC and all annual members are invited to take part in the Aston Hill annual general meeting, giving riders a direct say in the running and future of the park.

Aston Hill hosts popular races, bike demo days and training events on various days of the year.

A new website was launched in 2007 at to promote the site and its partnering with the CTC and Forestry Commission. The first downhill race under this agreement was the Black Run Race in March 2009. The success of this race lead to the development of the new 423 (later renamed Root Canal) track and consequential Southern Championships race in September 2009. Since 2009 there has been an annual Black Run Race in March and regional championship race in September (the Eastern and Central Champs in both 2010 and 2011) on Root Canal. All races have carried BC race points.

Aston Hill is now open every day of the week with the Forestry Commission rangers taking responsibility for opening and locking the gate, mirroring the opening hours of Wendover Woods.

Aston Martin[edit]

The Aston Martin plaque is to the left of the car park.

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