Astronauta – Magnetar

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Astronauta - Magnetar
Publication information
Publisher Panini Comics
Genre Science fiction
Publication date October, 2012
Main character(s) Astronauta
Creative team
Written by Danilo Beyruth
Artist(s) Danilo Beyruth
Colorist(s) Cris Peter

Astronauta – Magnetar (Astronaut - Magnetar) is a 2012 Brazilian graphic novel written and illustrated by Danilo Beyruth based on the character Astronauta created by Maurício de Sousa. It is the first installment in the Graphic MSP series of graphic novels based on Maurício de Sousa characters.[1]


The Astronaut, Bubbly, visits a distant galaxy to study a magnetar, a neutron star that has a magnetic field estimated at one billion teslas. But he makes a mistake that can cost his life.

Now, with the damaged spaceship and without communication, he is "shipwrecked in space" and needs to find a way to escape before being defeated by the insanity that insists on taking his mind. The output can be in combining the technology to the teachings of his long deceased grandfather.[2]

Other languages[edit]

In addition to Portuguese, Astronauta - Magnetar has been translated into these languages.

Language Local Title Publisher Source
German Der Astronaut Panini Comics [3]
Spanish Astronauta – Magnetar Panini Comics [4]
French Astronaute – Au Coeur Du Magnétar Panini Comics [4]
Italian L’Astronauta – Magnetar Panini Comics [4]