At Mother's Request

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At Mother's Request
Written by Richard DeLong Adams (teleplay)
Jonathan Coleman (novel)
Directed by Michael Tuchner
Starring E. G. Marshall
Stefanie Powers
Doug McKeon
Theme music composer Charles Gross
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Bob Markell (co-producer)
Christopher Morgan (producer)
Cinematography Larry Pizer
Editor(s) Gary Griffin
Running time 240 minutes
Production company(s) Incorporated Television Company
Vista Organization
Distributor CBS
Original network CBS
Original release January 4 & 6, 1987

At Mother's Request is a 1987 two-part television miniseries based on a true story (the Franklin Bradshaw murder). The movie stars E. G. Marshall and Stefanie Powers.

Plot summary[edit]

Frances Schreuder, a mother who is very mean to her sons, especially when they don't measure up to her expectations, and very greedy, decides she wants her inheritance from her rich father, multimillionaire Franklin Bradshaw. Frances has done some evil things to get what she wants. For example, she has forged some of her father's checks to get things she wants and had her sons steal from him when they were visiting him in his Salt Lake City business from their New York City home the summer before his death. She decides she wants her money really soon and manipulates her son Marc into murdering her father.


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