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Atomi Junior College (跡見学園女子大学短期大学部 Atomi Gakuen Joshi Daigaku Tanki Daigakubu?) was a private junior college in Bunkyo Ward, in Tokyo, Japan. It closed in 2007.


  • The Atomi cram school is opened in Nakanoshima in Osaka in 1858.
  • The Atomi school founds a school in 1875.
  • Atomi Junior College is founded in 1950.
    • Literature course
    • Housekeeping department
  • The life art department is established in 1952.
  • The separation of literature courses into one major is done in 1982.
    • Country sentence major
    • English major
  • The subject name is changed in 2004.
    • Literature course → language cultural department
      • Country sentence major → Japanese major
      • English major → English major
  • Recruitment is ended in fiscal year 2005.
  • It is closed in 2007.


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