Augusta Township, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

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Augusta Township was one of the seven original townships of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania in the United States. It was formed in 1772 and ceased to exist in 1846 when Upper Augusta and Lower Augusta Townships were made from it.

"Among the original townships of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, one of the first to be named and whose boundaries were defined, was Augusta. As then laid out it embraced all the territory east of the Susquehanna and south of the North Branch eastward to the old Berks-Northampton line, which crossed the North Branch near the present site of Bloomsburg."

"Upper Augusta [Township] and Lower Augusta [Township] were formed by the division of Augusta township in 1846...However, at the time of the division the name of "Porter" had been suggested for the southern portion."


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Coordinates: 40°52′41″N 76°44′31″W / 40.878°N 76.742°W / 40.878; -76.742