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Bik or BIK may refer to:

  • .bik, the file extension for the Bink Video file format
  • Bik, the nickname of Brendan McFarlane, an Irish Republican activist
  • ISO 639:bik, one of the language codes for Bikol (spoken in the Philippines)
  • Frans Kaisiepo Airport, Biak
  • Bik, Iran, a village in North Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Bcl-2-interacting killer, a human gene
  • Bik, when Leaguesharp updates
  • Benefit in Kind, the value of something for tax purposes
  • Baig, There are various other alternative spellings used today as well, such as: Begg, Beg, Beigh, Beyg, Bayg, Bek, Bik.

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