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Bug 204 issue.jpg
BUG Magazine, Issue 204 (2009)
EditorMiroslav Rosandić
CategoriesComputer magazine, Information technology
First issueDecember 1992
CompanyBUG d.o.o.

BUG is a Croatian monthly computer and information technology magazine, established in 1992.[1][2][3] Published by the BUG publishing company, it is currently the most popular computer magazine in the country.[4] It focuses primarily on PC hardware and software technology. The magazine also includes sections for video games, news, columnist writing (John C. Dvorak is a regular contributor), a helpdesk, and self-assembly.

Other magazines published by the same company are Mreža for professionals and Enter for beginners.


First issue (1992)

The magazine is named after the computing term bug. It has approximately 170 pages of content (with a DVD+R DL disc);[2] it is sold in the SE European region of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Slovenia. The current editor-in-chief is Miroslav Rosandić.[5]

Software-related content usually centers around material for Windows users with occasional attention given to Macintosh and Linux. The magazine also takes part in hardware test rating (e.g., cameras, laptops, computer parts, and storage devices),[6] internet phenomena articles, and some other material. Each year, the magazine publishes a list of the 25 top websites in Croatia.[7]

Issue 200[edit]

The pages experienced a redesign in 2009, with the publication of the 200th issue of the magazine. The redesign was done after the associated website was revamped.[8][9] In November 2010, the website launched a mobile version.[10]


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