Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
GenreLolita fashion
FounderAkinori Isobe and Fumiyo
Area served
Asia, Europe, North America
ProductsApparel, accessories

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (株式会社 ベイビー、ザ スターズ シャイン ブライト, Kabushiki Kaisha Beibī, Za Sutāzu Shain Buraito) (shortened to 'Baby' or 'BTSSB') is the name of a Japanese clothing boutique chain created in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and his wife, Fumiyo. The original fashion house is in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright specializes in Lolita fashion and, like Manifesteange Metamorphose temps de fille, their main focus is the subcategory Sweet Lolita. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright opened their first international retail store in Paris, France in 2007, and opened their first North American retail store in San Francisco, United States on August 15, 2009.[1]

The New York City branch of Kinokuniya occasionally sold clothing from the label, including dresses, headdresses, shoes and socks, but only received shipments sparingly. As mentioned in the live-action film Kamikaze Girls, the label's name was taken from the title of the album Baby the Stars Shine Bright by English pop music group Everything But the Girl.[citation needed]


Akinori Isobe was originally the company president of Atsuki Oonishi, a popular women's clothing store, and left the company in 1988 to start up Baby, The Stars Shine Bright with his wife, Fumiyo. According to Isobe, he saw the phrase "Baby, The Stars Shine Bright" on a page in a magazine, thought it was cute, and decided to use it as the name of his new brand. At the time, however, he did not know that it was the title of an album by Everything But The Girl.


Alice and the Pirates[edit]

The "Alice and the Pirates" line of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was created in 2004. It has a strong pirate and pirate-punk theme with bolder colours and more items suitable for Ouji and Aristocrat styles. A store devoted to this line opened in Harajuku on 25 August 2006. It is located in the bottom floor of Laforet. In 2011, Alice and the Pirates, along with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright designed the costumes for the television animation The Mystic Archives of Dantalian.

Hello Kitty and Charmmy Kitty[edit]

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright sells other brand names such as a variant on the character Charmmy Kitty, Hello Kitty's pet cat. The Charmmy Kitty dolls they sell relate with the store's own Gothic Lolita and Sweet Lolita fashion style. Hello Kitty has played a role in the Sweet Lolita fashion as an on-side accessory. Since it is not easy to carry a Hello Kitty or Charmmy Kitty doll on the streets, the character instead might reside in the girl's bedroom, cellphone, accessories, and so on for decoration.

In relation to Charmmy Kitty, Japanese author Novala Takemoto's 'POUR LOLITA' version of Hello Kitty has become a prevalent icon among wearers. The character is often linked to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, appearing wearing a pink bonnet and carrying a lacy handbag in the White Edition, strongly reminiscent of the fashions offered by this brand. There are also Punk Lolita 'Punk Edition' versions and Gothic Lolita 'Gothic Edition' versions, respectively dressed in tartan or black. The Hello Kitty 'POUR LOLITA' style is no longer offered, due to Takemoto's 2007 arrest.

Pour Lolita[edit]

'Pour Lolita' was Novala Takemoto's line of clothing as sponsored by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. "God Save The Lolita" is the catch phrase of the 'Pour Lolita' line. On September 3, 2007, Novala Takemoto was arrested for possession of marijuana, a violation of Japan's Cannabis Control Law. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has since pulled Takemoto's line from their online store, as well as their retail stores, showing no affiliation with Takemoto.

Baby and Kamikaze Girls[edit]

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright was featured in the movie, book, and manga of Kamikaze Girls. One of the lead characters, Momoko, is obsessed with Baby clothing and wears Lolita fashion throughout the story.

Other Collaborations[edit]

Over the years, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright has done collaborations with various movies, television dramas, manga, anime, and video games. These collaborations usually involve making clothing based on outfits the characters wear, or designing clothing for the characters in live dramas or video games.[2]

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