Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
GenreLolita fashion
FounderAkinori Isobe and Fumiyo
Area served
Asia, Europe, North America
ProductsApparel, accessories

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (株式会社 ベイビー、ザ スターズ シャイン ブライト, Kabushiki Kaisha Beibī, Za Sutāzu Shain Buraito) is the name of a Japanese clothing brand created in 1988 by Akinori Isobe and his wife, Fumiyo. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright specializes in Lolita fashion.[1] The company's flagship store, opened in 1999 in Daikanyamachō, Shibuya, was relocated to Omotesandō in 2012.[2] The company produced the wardrobe for a main character in the 2004 film Kamikaze Girls.[1] International store locations include San Francisco.[3]

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