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Back to Back

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Back to Back or back-to-back may refer to:






  • Back-to-back connection, two types of direct connections in telecommunications or a type of connection in electric power transmission
  • Back-to-back home runs, home runs hit by consecutive batters in baseball
  • Back-to-back house, a form of terraced house, common in Victorian English inner city areas, in which two houses share a rear wall
  • Back-to-back life sentences, a judicial practice where a felon is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison
  • Back to back ticketing, a booking ploy used by travelers in commercial aviation to lower the costs of flying to a desired destination
  • Back-to-back user agent, the user agent to both ends of a Session Initiation Protocol call
  • "Back to Back", the nickname of American professional poker player Layne Flack

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