Bagdad Katun

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Bagdad Katun (also Baghdad Khatun) (died November 16, 1335) was a Chobanid princess that gained a position of prominence in the closing years of the Ilkhanate. She was a daughter of Coban.

Bagdad Katun was first married to Hasan Buzurg, the future founder of the Jalayirid dynasty, in 1323. Shortly after, she caught the attention of Ilkhan Abu Sa'id, who became infatuated with her despite her marital status; this did not please Coban. Abu Sa'id compelled Hasan Buzurg to divorce her in 1325, then married her himself. She gained influence over the Ilkhan, attaining the position of Kodavandgar (great lord). Using her power, she prevented the marriage of Coban's widow Korducin to Ghiyath ud-Din of Herat, who had murdered her father in 1327. She also managed to gain respectful treatment of her stepmother Sati Beg and Sati's son Surgan.

During her marriage with Abu Sa'id, various rumors of her participation in conspiracies against the Ilkhan emerged. Speculation that she plotted with Hasan Buzurg in 1331 and 1332 were dismissed but not forgotten. When Abu Sa'id died, it was believed by some that she was behind the death. Whether she had him killed or not remains a mystery; in any case, she was charged with his murder by Arpa Ke'un, and was furthermore accused of inviting Ozbek Khan of the Golden Horde to invade Persia. She was executed by Arpa in 1335.