Baker's Falls

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For the town in New York known as Baker's Falls until 1910, see Hudson Falls.
Baker's Falls
Waterfall Horton Plains.jpg
Baker's Falls
Location Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka
Type Cascade
Total height 20 metres (66 ft)
Number of drops 2
Watercourse Belihul Oya

Baker's Falls is a famous waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is situated in Horton Plains National Park on a tributary of the Belihul Oya.[1] The height of the Baker's waterfalls is 20 metres (66 ft). The falls were named after Sir Samuel Baker, who was a famous explorer. Many Rhododendron and Fern bushes can be seen around the waterfall.

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Coordinates: 06°47′32″N 80°47′22″E / 6.79222°N 80.78944°E / 6.79222; 80.78944