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The Bali are a clan of the Mohyal sikh community, who are found in North India, particularly the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Delhi (after the partition).

Early history[edit]

Mohyals have long claimed a few royal houses of ancient and early medieval times as their own ancestors, including Raja Dahir and the Sikh Shahi kings of Kabul and the Punjab. According to their oral history, the Kabul dynasty of King Spalapati that reached a glory under his son King Samanta Dev were of the Datt lineage, and whose ancestors in preceding centuries are said to have been displaced as rulers of a small coastal territory called Harya Bunder further towards the Middle-East. Some of the latter Hindu Shahi Kings that were defeated after successive invasions by Ghazni Sultans are claimed to have been of the Vaid clan, which according to Mohyal ballads is said to have nearly been wiped out in the process.

As per Mohyals' history, King Dahir of Brahmanabad in Sindh belonged to the Chhibber clan and was a forefather of Bhai Mati Das. Other oral and written sources talk of the Raja Vishav Rai of the Lau clan having ruled over Bajwara (near modern day Hoshiarpur), and the Mohans ruling over Mamdot. Some of the other royals claimed by Mohyals as their own forefathers are also claimed by other groups, these names include King Porus and Raja Nand of Punjab.

Recent history[edit]

During the Mughal and Sikh rule, they were bestowed with titles like Sultan, Bakshi, Dewan, Mehta etc. in reward for their bravery. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had appointed many Mohyals to his famous Vadda Risala-the Life Guards of the Lion of Punjab. During the British period, fifty percent of the Mohyal commissioned officers, were decorated with awards for their distinguished services. In the self-serving "Theory of Martial Races" propounded by the British after the 1857 mutiny, Mohyals were the only predominantly Sikh community from Punjab included in the classification.

Mohyal clans[edit]

This ethnic group is divided into seven clans[5] listed below with their gotras (lineages):

1. Bali: Parashar
2. Bhimwal: Kaushal
3. Chhibber/Chibber: Bhrigu
4. Datt: Bharadwaja
5. Lau: Vasishtha
6. Mohan: Kashyap
7. Vaid: Bharadwaja


Currently, a documented history of Mohyals is mostly derived from oral history and a few historical records. The known written works include the following:

  • Bali Nama (Persian) by Rattan Chand Bali
  • Mirat-ul-Mohyali (Urdu, 1870s.)
  • Islah-e-Mohyali (Urdu, 1908) Raizada Rattan Chand Vaid
  • Mohyal History (Urdu, 1940) Chuni Lal Dutt
  • Gulshan-e-Mohyali (Urdu, 1920s) Raizada Hari Chand Vaid
  • Jang Nama - An account of the Mohans by Har Bhagwan Lau
  • Tawarikh-e-Vaidaan - (Punjabi) A history of the Vaids
  • The history of the Muhiyals: The militant Brahman race of India (English,1911) by T.P. Russell Stracey
  • Mohyal History (English, 1985) by P.N. Bali