Baltimore and Ohio class S

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S class and S-1 class
Baltimore & Ohio 2-10-2 freight locomotive, 6206 (CJ Allen, Steel Highway, 1928).jpg
B&O S-1 class #6206 in 1928
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderBaldwin (S class)
Baldwin and Lima (S-1 class)
Build date1914 (S class)
1923–1926 (S-1 class)
Total produced31 (S class)
125 (S-1 class)
 • Whyte2-10-2
Gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Driver dia.58 in:1473 mm(S class) 64 in:1626 mm(S-1 class)
 • Engine
436.510 Ib(198.0 t : S-1 class) (184.16 : S Class)
 • Drivers347.230 Ib(157.5 t S-1 class) (152.77 t : S class)
 • Diameter90 in to 100 in (2286 mm to 2540 mm : S-1 class)
Boiler pressure220 Ib:15.5 kg/cm2(S-1 class) 200 Ib:14.1 kg/cm2(S Class )
Heating surface5270 sq.ft(489.6 m2 : S-1 class) (517.8 m2 : S class)
 • Tubes4881 sp.ft(140.5 m2 : S-1 class)
 • Firebox262 sq.ft(S-1 class)
 • Heating area1512 m2 : S-1 class) (123.5 m2 : S class)
Cylinder size30 in x 32 in (762 mm x 813 mm : S-1 class) 30 in x 32 in (762 mm x 813 mm : S class)
OperatorsBaltimore and Ohio Railroad
ClassS and S-1
Number in class31 (S class)
125 (S-1 class)
Numbers6000–6030 (S class)
6100–6224 (S-1 class)
Nicknames"big sixes"
LocaleEastern United States

Baltimore and Ohio Class S comprised two classes of 2-10-2 locomotives.

The S class proper were 31 locomotives built in 1914 by Baldwin Locomotive Works and numbered 6000–6030. The S-1 class comprised 125 locomotives numbered 6100–6224. They were built between 1923 and 1926, 75 by Baldwin and 50 by Lima Locomotive Works (#6150–6199).

They were nicknamed "big sixes" because of their size and because, until renumbering in 1954, their road numbers all began with "6".