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Bandwidth Inc.
Founded 1999
Headquarters Raleigh, North Carolina
Key people
David Morken, CEO, Henry Kaestner, Executive Chairman
Products Telecommunications
Number of employees

Bandwidth is a Communications Provider as a Service (CPaaS) company offering a full suite of voice, messaging, and 9-1-1 APIs, all built atop the company's own carrier-grade VoIP network. Businesses use Bandwidth's APIs to easily add calling, texting and 9-1-1 connectivity to software, applications, and internet-connected devices.[1]


Originally formed in 1999, Bandwidth Inc. began as a home office start-up company in a spare bedroom of co-founder David Morken's Park City, Utah home.[2] His goal was to form a telecommunications procurement company that focused on three key points of quality: selection, savings, and service. The company's rapid growth led him to relocate the business to North Carolina where it currently resides on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. As of November 10, 2012, Bandwidth Inc. maintains a workforce of over 300 employees, and had reported 2009 revenues in excess of US $87 million.[3]


In July 2011, Bandwidth Inc. started working with Alabama's 911 centers to allow people to send text messages, pictures and videos to 911 in 2013.[4]

Bandwidth Inc. was a sponsor of the FreePBX Project,[5][6][7] until its acquisition by Schmooze Com Inc in early 2013.[8]

Bandwidth Inc. also manages the assignment of telephone numbers for Google Voice— a carrier search on a Google Voice number, for example, will indicate that the carrier's identity is Bandwidth Inc.

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