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Barabàn at the 2014 Bardentreffen festival in Nuremberg

Barabàn is an Italian folk group focused on the musical traditions of northern Italy, especially that of the Po River valley. Barabàn interprets the musical traditions of North Italy for the modern audience. They are one of Italy's most popular and well-reviewed folk groups.

Founded in Milan in 1982, the group has released six CDs and one DVD in addition to appearing on numerous compilations and at countless festivals.


  • Vincenzo Caglioti
  • Aurelio Citelli
  • Giuliano Grasso
  • Diego Ronzio
  • Paolo Ronzio
  • Alberto Rovelli
  • Maddalena Soler


  • Musa di pelle...pinfio di legno nero (1984)
  • Il valzer dei disertori (1987)
  • Naquane (1990)
  • Live (1994)
  • La Santa Notte dell'Oriente (1996)
  • Terre di passo (2002)
  • Venti5 d'Aprile (DVD, 2005)
  • Voci di trincea (2015)

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