Barbara Kolanka

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Barbara Kolanka
Barbara Kolanka.jpg
Coat of arms Junosza
Spouse Jerzy Radziwiłł h. Trąby
Family House of Koła (by birth)
Radziwiłł (by marriage)
Father Paweł Koła h. Junosza
Mother Bruneta z Chodcza h. Ogończyk
Born End of the 15th century
Died 1550

Barbara Kolanka or Barbara Kołówna h. Junosza (end of the 15th century–1550) was a Polish noble lady. She is best known as the mother of Mikołaj "the Red" Radziwiłł and Barbara Radziwiłł, the latter of whom later became the Queen consort of Poland.

A direct descendant to Elisabeth of Pilcza, the Queen consort to Ladislaus II of Poland, she was born in late 15th century to Paweł Koła (or Kola) of Dalejów and Żółtanice, a prominent Polish politician. Her father was a Chamberlain (since 1490) and castellan of Halicz who in 1502 rose to the rank of Voivod of Podolia. Her mother was Bruneta of Chodcza. She had three older brothers, one of whom (Jan Koła) rose to the rank of Grand Hetman of The Crown.

Marriage and issue[edit]

In ca. 1515 she married Jerzy "Herkules" Radziwiłł. They had three children:[1]