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This article is about the demon. For the Charmed character, see Barbas (Charmed). For the bishop and saint, see Barbatus of Benevento. For other persons named Barba, see Barba. For the village in Albania, see Barbas, Albania.

In demonology, Marbas or Barbas is a demon described in the Ars Goetia. He is described as the Great President of Hell governing thirty-six legions of demons. He answers truly on hidden or secret things, causes and heals diseases, teaches mechanical arts, and changes men into other shapes. He is depicted as a great lion that, under the conjurer's request, changes shape into a man.

The name Barbas also comes from the Latin "barba", beard, hellebore (a plant used in witchcraft, especially to invoke demons), and also a male name.[citation needed]