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The Barefoot Investor is the professional persona of Scott Pape. He offers independent advice on personal money management, investing and gaining 'financial freedom' via his website,[1] public and media appearances and his subscription email service "The Barefoot Blueprint".[2]

TV Program[edit]

A CNBC produced program, The Barefoot Investor is a half hour show about finance, hosted by Scott Pape. It is also broadcast on free to air television around Australia on Channel 10. The show has recently been nominated for the ASTRA Awards 2010, both in the 'Best Lifestyle' and 'Best New Talent' categories.[3] The show has since been cancelled.


The Barefoot Investor: Five Steps to Financial Freedom is a best-selling book written by Scott Pape. Since its release in November 2004[4] the book has been re-published and released throughout Europe, India, China and Russia. The book is now available in Mandarin.

Newspaper Column[edit]

Scott Pape, the man behind The Barefoot Investor, writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column in News Ltd. papers around Australia [1] on the topics of personal finance and wealth management. He has been writing these columns for five years.


The Barefoot Investor has a weekly spot on the Triple M Melbourne's The Hot Breakfast.[5] He also appears on ABC Radio's Nightlife program,[6] and appears on SYN Radio from time to time.


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