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Baron Neville de Raby, also referred to as Baron Raby, was an ancient title in the Peerage of England. It was first created around 1295 for Ralph Neville. The fourth baron was created Earl of Westmorland in 1397, and the two titles remained merged until the sixth earl was attainted in 1571. The title was created a second time in 1459 when John Neville (brother of the 2nd Earl of Westmorland and 5th Baron) was summoned to Parliament as Lord Neville on November 20, 1459. He was attainted in 1461, but the attainder was reversed and his son Ralph succeeded in 1472. Ralph became Earl of Westmorland in 1484 and both creations remained merged with that earldom.

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB) uses a different ordinal numbering system from that used here.[1]

Barons Neville de Raby (1295)[edit]

for further succession see Earl of Westmorland

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