Bartholomew Green (printer, born 1666)

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Bartholomew Green (October 12, 1666 – December 28, 1732) was a printer at and later the publisher of The Boston News-Letter. He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Boston News-Letter is regarded as the first continuously published newspaper in British North America. Initially, it was heavily subsidized by the British government, with a limited circulation. The News-Letter’s first editor was John Campbell.

In 1722 the editorship passed to Green, the paper’s printer. Green changed the focus of the newspaper to place more emphasis on domestic events.

After his death in 1732 his son John Draper, also a printer, took the paper’s helm. He enlarged the paper to four pages and filled it with news from throughout the colonies. He also had a son, Bartholomew, who was a successful printer.

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