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The Basel Declaration Society is a scientific association established on October 5, 2011, with the aim of promoting the dissemination and advancement of the Basel Declaration, the ever more important international manifest in favor of research, care for animal welfare, and establishment of a transparent dialogue between scientists and stakeholders.

The Society[edit]

The purpose of the Basel Declaration Society is «to strengthen public awareness of the importance of animal models in experimental biomedical research, to foster communication between researchers and the public and to enhance acceptance of the Basel Declaration».
It is structured as a not for profit organization of Swiss law, based in Basel (Switzerland), whose participation is open to scientists and scientific institutions from the world over, which maintains independence and transparency being funded only through its associates' fees and overtly by sponsors
Its current President is Professor Rolf Zeller, from the Basel University.
A list of the board members can be reached via this link, while the Association Articles can be found here.


The significance of the Society is manifold. It has been created to establish a common forum of experts supporting the Basel Declaration, able to speak with a single, prominent and respected voice when research is at stake, and to act as a credible interlocutor in public debates on research and animals.

As of April, 2013, nearly 2000 researchers[1] from over 30 nations[2] are signatories of the Basel Declaration. The Basel Declaration Society coordinates their efforts to promote better science and animal welfare, largely through continued revision and dissemination of the declaration.

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