Bath (album)

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Bath (2001.jpg
Studio album by maudlin of the Well
Released August 31, 2001[1]
Genre Avant-garde metal
Progressive metal
Length 61:02
Label Dark Symphonies / Blood Music
maudlin of the Well chronology
My Fruit Psychobells...A Seed Combustible
Leaving Your Body Map
Professional ratings
Review scores
Sputnikmusic4.5/5 stars link

Bath is maudlin of the Well's second album. It was released alongside its companion album Leaving Your Body Map in 2001 on the Dark Symphonies record label, shortly before their break-up.


Bath and its sister album are a combination of older demo material written as far back as 1997 in rearranged and re-orchestrated forms and new material, all recorded simultaneously to achieve consistency; to this end, the opening of "Girl With a Watering Can" re-orchestrates the first melody of "The Blue Ghost/Shedding Qliphoth," and the series of instrumental interludes, all composed purportedly in lucid dreams, sequenced in order of appearance across both albums. Each album features cover art befitting the title of its counterpart, with Bath featuring a map to a bath tub and window in yellow, and Leaving Your Body Map featuring the tub and window in red. The band inserted clues to a hidden secret in the liner notes of the albums through a series of complex symbols; to aid listeners, they recorded and released "The Secret Song" on an MCD in 2001, with lyrics purported to explain how to unlock the hidden message. It remains unsolved.[2]

Both albums were reissued on Dark Symphonies with bonus tracks in 2005-2006. Blood Music reissued them again in 2012 for the first time on vinyl, including a box set for the companion albums, and later a CD box set of the band's discography.

Track listing[edit]

1."The Blue Ghost/Shedding Qliphoth"7:57
2."They Aren't All Beautiful"5:36
3."Heaven and Weak"7:42
4."Interlude 1"1:38
5."The Ferryman"7:50
6."Marid's Gift of Art"3:41
7."Girl With a Watering Can"8:44
8."Birth Pains of Astral Projection"10:34
9."Interlude 2"2:13
Total length:61:02


  • Jason Byron - vocals/keyboards
  • Toby Driver - vocals/guitars/bass
  • Maria-Stella Fountoulakis - vocals
  • Greg Massi - vocals/guitars
  • Josh Seipp-Williams - guitars
  • Jason Bitner - trumpet
  • Terran Olson - vocals/clarinet/flute
  • Sam Gutterman - drums/vocals

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