Battle of Sauce (1816)

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The Battle of Sauce of 1816[1][2][3] was a battle between the Portuguese forces under Pinto de Araújo Correia in Arroyo Oriental, modern-day Uruguay. The engagement resulted of the encounter between the Portuguese forces that had previously defeated the men of Fructuoso Rivera.

The Uruguayans, led by Artiguist commander Pedro Gutierrez, attack by surprise and caused the Portuguese to retreat, leaving 150 dead soldiers of the battlefield.


  1. ^ Gobernador Juan Leon Sola (biography in Spanish) stated year of battle: 1815 - Translation: From 1815 to 1817 he joined the ranks of famous Entrerian leader D. José Eusebio Hereñú and contributed to the defeat of Colonel Baron Holmberg at the Battle of Sauce, in 1815, during which he was promoted by his chief to lieutenant colonel on the battlefield.
  2. ^ La Independencia de Sudamérica I (in Spanish) stated date of battle: 8 December 1816 - Translation: Meanwhile (8 December 1816), the army of Artigas attacked by the Portuguese army and put it on the run in the Battle of the Sauce.
  3. ^ Arreguine, Víctor. Narraciones nacionales :Artigas, Rivera. Montevideo : Vázquez Cores, Dornaleche y Reyes, 1890. p.39 Harvard University Library. - Translation: General Rivera himself sent the Oriental cavalry to the battle of Sauce, in the vicinity of Maldonado, where the Portuguese lost a regiment line and two squads of militias, from which 50 men and the head of the division narrowly escaped. All the others died or were imprisoned, including 3 chiefs, 34 officers and soldiers as 100 individuals.