Bay Town Trolley

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Bay Town Trolley
Headquarters 1116 Frankford Ave
Locale Panama City, Florida
Service area Bay County, Florida
Service type bus service
Routes 7
Website [1]

The Bay Town Trolley is the primary provider of mass transportation in Bay County, Florida. The system is referred to as a trolley service, because most of the buses in the agency's fleets are designed in the style of tourist trolleys. In 2009, the agency expanded from provided weekday-only to Monday-Saturday service all year round. Previously, buses only ran on Saturdays during the peak tourist season.


  • 1 Downtown
  • 2 City Hall/Callaway
  • 3 Panama City Mall
  • 4 City Hall/Community College
  • 5 Panama City Mall/Community College via 23rd St
  • 6 Panama City Mall/Community College via 16th St
  • 7 Lyndell


Bay Town Trolley